Employers who encourage and support their employees in obtaining their CPIM or CSCP designations:

  • Enjoy a skilled workforce that is better prepared, more knowledgeable, more capable, more productive, and able to contribute to a successful bottom line
  • Validate the knowledge and skill set of their employees leading to productivity improvement in the workplace
  • Achieve competitive advantage in the marketplace through a highly trained, confident, and productive workforce.


The APICS Fox River offers a on-site training in a variety of formats.  Classes can be scheduled during work or after hours, on weekend or weekdays. Students enjoy the co-worker involvement plus students can work with each other on course teachings.

All training programs and classes are offered on-site at a discount. Let the APICS Fox River Chapter customize an in-house education program to fit the needs of your organization. 

If you or your company is interested in In-House Classes, please contact VP of Education at [email protected]

On-Site Education